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Pavilions enhance the outdoor look and is a great option to consider with many different styles and sizes to choose from including adding many additional features such as an electrical package, lighting and/or a cupola.



A Prefab Cabin will often be delivered in a kit and assembled onsite, they have a beautiful look and cozy feel, there are quite a few style options available and can add many features such as additional lights, dormers, porches and many more, they have log siding and come with a full finished living interior.



Garages can be pre-built and assembled onsite and come in many shapes and sizes, they are the perfect solution to lots of storage room including vehicles, they can also be modified to have a upstairs loft area with a office or just for additional storage, there are many additional add ons available such as cupola, lean-to's, electric and more.



Sheds come in hundreds of different styles and sizes and can be made with many extras, they are perfect for some extra storage or can be made into a small living space with a finished interior, they are well known because of the limited space needed to set them up and can be put up almost anywhere.


Run In Sheds

Run In Sheds give horses and animals a great shelter and can come in many different sizes and options such as adding a tack room, kickboards, open or closed stalls with partitions and can be built to your liking.


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